Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb will pay tribute to LOST this fall with a special episode inspired by the ABC drama. Titled “Lost in Danville,” the animated series’ homage will find the titular duo discovering a mysterious locked capsule in their backyard. (TVLine)


Friendly reminder that Nestor Carbonell is a 46 year old married father of two
Anonymous: Who is your favorite character on LOST (if you had to pick just one) and what are some reasons/examples why?


Kate Austen. Always. Without a doubt. She’s my only favorite that I easily know exactly where she falls on the list.Β As for why, there are millions of reasons! But I’ll try to keep it to a limited amount for the sake of length. Β (though it’s still long)

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mrwilliams26: /post/93420309424 This is one of my favorite moments of Lost, it's simply beautiful β™‘

same! It’s one of my top 5 favorite episodes actually :)

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Happy 8/15 From The Geography of LOST.
Just Thought I’d Drop Y’all A Postcard From The Island. This New LOST Map Spawned From My Love Of Maps And Vintage Postcards!
I Hope You Enjoy It!
And Yes, It Is Available At My Imagekind Gallery http://jonahadkins.imagekind.com/
I’m Going To Find A Good Place To Sell It As A Postcard, So Stay Tuned!

My latest project “A Postcard From The Island” - created entirely in ArcMap!

Hi-res version here

"even in a scary place like this.. charlie makes me feel safe"